Maelstrom Photos: Link Archive

Where possible, these links point directly to the gallery relevant to the event. In some cases, I've admitted some redundancy (most notably in Cam's photos) where event photos are split between several galleries, and pointed to the nearest appropriate root.

All photographs remain property of their respective copyright holders; this is just a link archive. If you have any reason to request a link removal, or have found a broken link, please contact me, Adam Dinwoodie, at {firstname}@{surname}.org, or as me_and on #maelfroth.

For links to photos of player and plot events run in the Maelstrom setting, please see the player event page. For other photo archives, see the archive list.

2012 Events

Event 4: Dominion

Event 3: Awakening

Event 2: Integration

Event 1: Appropriation

2011 Events

Event 4: No Refunds!

Event 3: Munera

Event 2: Liberation

Event 1: Consolidation

2010 Events

Event 4: Retaliation

Event 3: Remuneration

Event 2: Cavalcade

Event 1: Pantheon

2009 Events

Event 4: Reverence

Event 3: Prestige

Event 2: Provocation

Event 1: Khan's Naadam

2008 Events

Event 4: Apotheosis

Event 3: Hoedown

Event 2: Carnival of Carnage

Event 1: Celestial Gala

2007 Events

Event 4: Harvest Time

Event 3: Declaration

Event 2: Coronation

Event 1: Family Ties

2006 Events

Event 4: Matrimony

Event 3: Foundation

Event 2: Shenanigans

Event 1: Remembrance

2005 Events

Event 4: Initiation

Event 3: Reckonings

Event 2: Prosperity

Event 1: Hootenanny

2004 Events

Event 3: Ideenlehre

Event 2: Mascherata

Event 1: Auguration



These correspond to specific events, but I don't know which event to line them up with. If you can identify any of them, please let me know!

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